Ranking the Discography: Metallica Part VIII: St. Anger (2003)

Prior to recording St. Anger, James Hetfield entered rehab in 2001, delaying recording until 2002. The recording was the subject of the documentary Some Kind of Monster, titled after a song on the album. This is the only album Metallica officially recorded as a trio, as Jason Newsted left the band before sessions began. Producer Bob Rock replaced him for the album. (This was the last album he produced.) Four singles were produced. The album has been certified double platinum.


James Hetfield: vocals, rhythm guitar

Kirk Hammett: guitar

Lars Ulrich: drums and percussion

The Tracks:

  1. “Frantic”: My biggest problem with this album overall is the percussion. A lot of times it sounds more like Ulrich is just randomly banging on the drums without really creating a rhythm. This is one of the few songs where I don’t mind it, because the song is called “Frantic”, so it fits.
  2. “St. Anger”: I like the breakdown for the choruses. This is a song that could really have benefited from a solo, if only to break up the monotonous drumming.
  3. “Some Kind of Monster”: Along with “St. Anger”, this is one of the best songs. That’s not saying much on an album like this.
  4. “Dirty Window”: At least it’s short, that’s one positive about this song. Other than that, it’s kind of boring.
  5. “Invisible Kid”: This song is okay. A bit too long.
  6. “My World”: This song would have been better if it had a solo or some better rhythm.
  7. “Shoot Me Again”: This song is decent.
  8. “Sweet Amber”: I liked this song more on a second listen.
  9. “The Unnamed Feeling”: Another one of the best songs on the album. I feel like the album could have stopped here.
  10. “Purify”: The worst song on the album, mostly because of the percussion.
  11. “All Within My Hands”: One of the few songs where the percussion actually sounds good.

Final Verdict: This album has a reputation of being a bit of a train wreck, due to its terrible percussion overall. Considering what went into the album, I’d expect the feeling of the album. I’m glad I gave the album a chance, as it is a step up from the two garbage albums that preceded it. There are some good songs, so I’ll give it an average rating.

Grade: C


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