Nostalgia Critic: The Wall


I used to be a huge fan of the Nostalgia Critic back when he used Blip to load his videos on his website, That Guy With The Glasses. He eventually changed it to Channel Awesome, to make you think he was getting more than just him. He was and he wasn’t. I loved the anniversary shows, where he’d get everyone who was on the channel with him. And then I heard about Change the Channel, and everything his former partners said happened. That made me stop.

And then I heard about his parody of Pink Floyd’s album The Wall and the movie adaptation. He’d even timed it good, because last year was the 40th anniversary of the release of the album (he actually had the video go up in September, not December when the album was actually released.) . As a Pink Floyd fan, I was angry about this. I have decided I will NEVER watch Doug Walker again, no matter what stunt he pulls again. He has gone too far this time.

Now I am not going to say Pink Floyd had the perfect discography. No one does. There are some Pink Floyd albums I don’t go back to. There are some that fans don’t celebrate as much as The Wall, Dark Side of the  Moon, or even Animals. I am not going to say The Wall is something everyone will like. But it is a celebrated masterpiece. I’m not saying you can’t parody it. But not the way Doug Walker did.

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New Flash to Catholics: Netflix Doesn’t Care About You

Image description: Netflix’s screen for “The First Temptation of Christ”, a Netflix spoof featuring a gay Jesus that debuted during the Christmas season in 2019

Last year, Netflix got under a lot of fire with Catholics. Sometime after Georgia passed a new law outlawing abortion after the first trimester,  Netflix announced they would no longer film in Georgia unless the law was changed. Many actors, such as Alyssa Milano, also protested on social media. As a result of this, Catholics I know on social media announced that they would “hit Netflix where it hurt”, meaning they would cancel their accounts. I was not one of them, and some Catholics I knew in groups on social media actually told me I was a “bad Catholic”. The fervor died down, as it always does. Then it got fired up again, because apparently Netflix wasn’t done ticking off their Catholic patrons. They released The First Temptation of Christ, a Netflix feature with a gay Jesus bringing his gay lover to see his parents. A bishop in Texas decried it, even though he admitted he doesn’t have the time to watch Netflix anyway. The bishop was quoted in the article linked, saying that “blasphemers don’t deserve one penny.” Again, many Catholics announced that they too would be cancelling their accounts.

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