Ranking the Discography: Metallica Part VII: Reload (1997)

Reload had 4 singles and like its predecessor, made it to #1. And like its predecessor, it’s got garbage written all over it. Just look at that awful cover. Let’s get this over with.


James Hetfield: Vocals, rhythm guitar

Kirk Hammett: lead guitar

Jason Newsted: bass

Lars Ulrich: drums, percussion

The Tracks:

  1. “Fuel”: You know an album is bad when even the singles are garbage. I’ve always hated this song.
  2. “The Memory Remains”: I’d forgotten how terrible this song was. Thanks for reminding me, Reload.
  3. ” Devil’s Dance”: I skipped this halfway through.
  4. “The Unforgiven II” Yeah, it’s just like “The Unforgiven”…if it sucked.
  5. ” Better Than You”: James, leave the diss tracks to the rappers. They don’t write boring ones.
  6. “Slither”: Next, please.
  7. ” Carpe Deim Baby”: Seize the day, and still write a garbage song.
  8. “Bad Seed”: Just which grunge band are you trying to be? Because you don’t sound like any of them, even Stone Temple Pilots, the one I never liked!
  9. ” Where the Wild Things Are”: I have HOW many songs left?
  10. “Prince Charming” : Oh joy, a song about death.
  11. “Low Man’s Lyric” : A violin, really? In a metal song? You think you’re so innovative, huh?
  12. “Attitude “: You’d think a song called “Attitude” would actually have some.
  13. ” Fixxer”: Paul Stenner said this has a killer riff in his review of the album. What version were you listening to? Because this does not have a killer riff!

Final Verdict: Do I even have to tell you?

Grade: F


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