One Faith, Many Paths: Jennifer Lynn Bolt

This month’s interview is with a Catholic woman named Jennifer Lynn Bolt, who I met through a FaceBook group called Catholic Geeks. She has a son named Jakob, who has cerebral palsy. I asked her questions about how her faith helps her cope with such a wonderful child.

1) What was your childhood like? Were you raised as a Christian?

I had a mostly fun-filled childhood. My parents, my brother , and I were happy, other than the fairly normal sibling conflicts, made a bit more challenging due to my brother having dyslexia and failing at school while I excelled. I loved to learn, and I still do.  I attended public school, and religious education classes weekly at our church as well. The whole family went to mass on Sundays and all holy days, sometimes more often.

2) What’s your occupation?

I previously earned my degree in history and worked in museums and living history, as well as in banking and in retail clothing sales.  I even was an independent Mary Kay cosmetics consultant for a while.

But now I call myself a Professional Mother. Others may say housewife, stay at home mom, or homeschooling mom. While those are true for me, I also have for the past twelve years, implemented a home-based treatment program for my sixteen-year-old son, who is severely challenged by a neurological condition called cerebral palsy.

3) Who is your favorite biblical figure besides Jesus? Why?

I have several favorites, and the ones I draw inspiration from have changed at different times of my life. But here are three of them that have continually impacted my life.

MARY–I love and revere Mary, for her beautiful, beatific example of absolute faith despite God’s plan for her being so radical and scary. She of all people knows. She really gets it.

DAVID–I will always love David for the psalms he wrote.  He taught me that even if you really get angry, even if you yell at God, He can handle it. He will always be there for us if we turn to him. Yeah, David could really be a rascal, and he made some HUGE mistakes, but he always came back to God with true contrition. David also taught me the beauty of God and his love for us through the Psalms, and that God’s mercy is boundless.

PAUL–Paul’s life is an AWESOME testament to what God can do for anyone. He was originally Saul, a Pharisee who persecuted Christians, and thanks to God’s miraculous, radical changes in him, he became the most important teacher of all Early Christians, writing all those letters of guidance to the scattered Christian communities. I thank God for Paul, for his history and teachings that formed the pillars of my Church and my faith.

4. Favorite Biblical verse or passage and Why?

1st Thessalonians, Chapter 5, verses 8-11. Especially verse 11: “But since we are aware of the day, let us be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith and love and the helmet that is hope for salvation. For God did not destine us for wrath, but to gain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep we may live together with him. Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, as indeed you do.

5. How did you feel when you learned Jakob has cerebral palsy?

At the actual moment of diagnosis, I was relieved to have a name for whatever it was so that I could find out more about what I could expect. I was a planner. I wanted to know when he would be able to walk, talk, feed himself, etc, in comparison to the normal developmental milestone growth charts everyone was always talking about in regards to child-rearing. To tell the truth, I could not recall ever hearing of cerebral palsy before. However, when I researched it, for a while I was very frustrated and angry. I was really upset that there weren’t more definitive answers.

I know now that almost all neurological  conditions, there are more questions than answers, and more variety within the diagnoses than most will ever know. So, this diagnosis gave me none of the answers I was seeking. I had to throw “the plan” I had in my head out the window, and embark on this journey with no road map at all. It was overwhelming, to say the least. Thank God that my family and my faith were there to support me.

6. Can you explain how you cope with his disabilities?

My faith in God and the redemptive nature of struggles has pulled me through many difficult times with Joshua, however I am most grateful that God has given me the grace be able to see Joshua for the blessing he is, and to see his intelligence and his progress, how far he has come versus how far he still has to go.  So I am able to focus on the joys of his bright personality, and regarding the difficult stuff, just prioritize quickly and do what needs to be done moment by moment.

In order to learn best how to help him, I have taken many courses on child brain development at The Institutes of Human Potential, http://www.iahp.orgThanks to taking Joshua to them regularly for over ten years, I have been able to help design and implement a home-based intensive treatment program, with the goal of physiological, physical, intellectual, and social excellence.

I also recruit and manage a team of volunteers from our parish, our community, and our local University who help him, mainly with the physical components of that program. These wonderful and generous people have not only helped Joshua, but also have taught me how allowing them to help has blessed them.  That when I ask for help, it is not just for my family, but it is also giving them a priceless opportunity.  Assisting us, and getting to know Joshua teaches them far more about life and the value and dignity of every person than any regular college course or even theology course could, I think.

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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Nominees

This year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominated 19 musicians for the Class of 2018 Induction ceremony. The nominees are as follows. My picks are in orange.

Bon Jovi: The 80’s glam rock superstars from New Jersey still have an avid fanbase to this day. They are one of the few artists on this list still recording, and their latest album, This House Is Not For Sale, was released last year.

Kate Bush: The innovative alternative rock musician has collaborated with Peter Gabriel and is best known for her song “Running Up That Hill”.

The Cars: This new wave act was a big hit in both Classic Rock and New Wave, with such classics as “Let The Good Times Roll”, “You Might Think”, and “My Best Friend’s Girl.

Depeche Mode: The innovative “dark wave” band managed to have a following that continues to this day with their latest album Spirit.

Dire Straits: Mark Knopfler’s band is best known for their commentary on the rise of music videos, “Money For Nothing”.

Eurythmics: This new wave duo of Annie Lennox and producer Dave Stewart was a big hit in the 80’s, with their most famous single “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”, later ruined by Marilyn Manson.

The J. Geils Band: One of the best rock bands of the 80’s, this band is best known for songs like “Love Stinks” and “Centerfold”.

Judas Priest: One of the big 4 Heavy metal bands (along with Metallica, Megadeath, and Slayer), Judas Priest is one of the biggest acts in the genre.

LL Cool J: Although today he is known for his acting in NCIS: Los Angeles and Toys, LL Cool J was one of the earliest “Old school” rappers, famous for his song “Mamma Said Knock You Out”

MC5: A prototype for punk rock that came out of Detroit. Their name means Motor City 5.

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Remembering Star Wars: Rogue One

rogue oneWhen Disney acquired Star Wars from George Lucas, they decided to release one movie each year at Christmas. This started with Episode 7, The Force Awakens. In addition to the main movies (the “episodes”), we would also get movies that touch up more on the mythos of the franchise. Rogue One was just the first of these. Because it is the most recent Star Wars movie released, I have chosen it to end my retrospective. I don’t think I’ll be able to see The Last Jedi before the end of the year, so I will wait for the DVD.

Rogue One takes place before the very first Star Wars movie and follows a team of rebels attempting to retrieve the plans for the first Death Star (because Return of the Jedi has a Death Star too).

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