Top 20 Worst Episodes #16

baby cakes#16. Baby Cakes

Writer: Charlotte Fullerton

Storyboard: Tom Sales and Corey Toomey

Season/Episode: 2, 13

Overall: 39

Characters: Pinkie Pie, Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Pound and Pumpkin Cake

Summary: Pinkie Pie wants to babysit the Cakes’ new foals while they’re away, but she doesn’t realize she may be in over her head.

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Top 20 Best MLP Episodes #17

last roundup

#17 The Last Round-up

Writer: Amy Keating Rogers

Storyboard: Sabrina Alberghetti and Nicole Wang

Character: Applejack

Season/Episode: 2, 14

Overall Episode: 40

Summary: When the Town Hall is destroyed during repairs, Applejack vows to use the money she plans to win in a rodeo to repair it. However, she wins second place and does not get enough money and does not tell her friends because she is embarrassed. They become worried and track her down at Cherry Junction, where they learn she is working off the remaining money she needs.

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One Faith, Many Paths: Nicholas Tieman


This month, I interview an old friend of mine from my days at Christian Anime Alliance, just like Arri Lemons. Here’s Nicholas Tieman!

1) How did you become a Christian?

I was claimed by Christ in baptism in the first month of my life. I’ve been growing into it ever since.

2. What denomination are you?

I am a member of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. My family has been a member of this church body as long as it’s been around, and it’s a spiritual heritage I’m very happy for.  Here in the South, the dominant paradigm is Baptist, which is prone to legalism. Many people overcorrect into antinominianism, or by rejecting faith entirely. The Lutheran emphasis on ongoing repentance is particularly helpful to people in churches who feel like they can never be good enough but still want to follow God.

3. What is your current job?

I help Hilton Hotels maintain websites. I mainly work on a collection of foreign language web sites, like this one: hotel

My job is interesting and not too stressful. I’m constantly having to learn something new. I love it.

4. What evidence can you give for God’s existence?

I went through a time where I felt severely challenged in my faith, to the point where I wondered if I was just fooling myself. One day I got my butt handed to me in a forum argument (this was in the olden times, before all the social interaction was consumed by the Book of Faces) and concluded that I should just give it up.  I was at the office that day and happened to mention it to a coworker. Before I then I never knew he was a Christian. I only knew him as a hard partying loudmouth, and I don’t remember him saying anything particularly insightful before or after that.  But he managed to say exactly what I needed to hear.

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Top 20 Worst MLP Episodes #17

on your marks#17. On Your Marks

Writers: Dave Polsky and Josh Haber

Storyboard: Ward Jenkins and Hanna Lee

Episode: 121

Season/Episode: 6, ep. 4

Characters: Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Tender Taps

Summary: Now that they’ve finally gotten their cutie marks, the Cutie Mark Crusaders have another problem: What to do next? And can they even still be the trio they’ve always been?

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Top 20 Best MLP Episodes #18

flight#18: Flight to the Finish

Writer: Ed Valentine

Storyboard: Steve Sanderson, Jocelan Thiessen, and Tim Packford

Season: 4, episode 5

Episode: 70

Characters: Applebloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash

Summary: The Equestria Games are underway, and Ms. Harshwhinney has come to the elementary school with Rainbow Dash to announce the Flag-flying competition for the children. The team with the best routine will be able to represent their town, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders want in. But can they compete even if Scootaloo can’t fly?

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Top 20 Worst MLP Episodes: #18

three#18. Three’s A Crowd

Writers: Meghan McCarthy and Ed Valentine

Storyboard: Mike Myhre and Mike West

Season/Episode: 4, 11

Overall: 76

Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Princess Cadence, Discord

The story begins with a scene that actually sets up one of the two arcs for the season–Fluttershy going to witness the Breezie migration. Twilight Sparkle gets a letter from her sister-in-law Princess Cadence, who has decided to treat her to a museum exhibit for her idol, the wizard Starswirl The Bearded. When they arrive at the train station, Discord is there and is apparently sick. He’s even passed on his disease to Rainbow Dash and Rarity. Discord asks them for a long list of requests (in song), which they agree to on the condition that he helps them. But because of his disease, they have to pull him to where the cure can be found by chariot. When they arrive, the plant that will cure him is guarded by a Tatzlwurm, a worm that looks like a pink version of the sandworms from Dune.

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Top 20 Best MLP: FIM Episodes #19

feeling pinkie keen

#19. Feeling Pinkie Keen

Writer: Dave Polsky

Storyboard: Scott Underwood and Tom Sales

Season/Episode: 1, 15

Overall Episode: 15

Main Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie

This is probably one of the most contested episodes of the series so far. I’ll start with the summary, and then I’ll give you my thoughts on why this episode has been so criticized.

The story starts with Twilight practicing spells, but she’s distracted by Pinkie, who keeps sneaking around town for cover, as if she’s expecting something to fall on her. She asks her what’s going on, and we learn that Pinkie Pie has a sixth sense that lets her know of impending danger. Twilight dismisses it, thinking such a thing isn’t scientifically possible, that is until a frog hits her in the face. Pinkie thinks this is proof, but it’s really just Fluttershy taking a colony of frogs to safety in Froggy Bottom Bog.

Twilight just thinks this is pure coincidence, but Pinkie is unfazed. What’s more, Applejack tells her that Pinkie’s not kidding, she’s seen it herself. After another calamity from a hay cart, Twilight is bound and determined to prove that Pinkie’s “Pinkie Sense” isn’t real. She sees evidence when she’s using Pinkie’s shower and an alligator tries to bite her, but that’s just Pinkie’s pet Gummy making his first appearance. Since Gummy has no teeth, there’s no danger there. Twilight decides to follow Pinkie around town and record every instance Pinkie senses danger, but each time, something lands on her, including my favorite moment when she gets hit with both an anvil AND a piano! I just love Looney Tunes slapstick homages.

Then Pinkie panics because now she senses “a doozy!” at Froggy Bottom Bog, and that’s where Fluttershy is! She, Twilight, and Spike get there as fast as they can and discover a hydra is attacking the bog. That has to be the doozy! Twilight is so scared that she comes to a crevice and can’t make it across. Pinkie calls out to her, convincing her to take a “leap of faith”, which she does and makes it to safety.

The hydra has convinced Twilight, and she believes that has to be “the doozy”. Pinkie dismisses it, saying it still hasn’t happened yet. Twilight blurts out “That wasn’t ‘the doozy’? What couldn’t be more doozy than that?” Pinkie shakes her head and says “Don’t know, but that wasn’t it.” Twilight sighs in defeat, and just accepts that Pinkie is correct, even though she can’t understand it.

And this is where the disappointment comes in. The moral of the episode is that you don’t have to be able to explain something to make it true. To some, this seems analogous to religion, as many religions tell you to just accept divine will and not try to comprehend it. Some feel the moral is poorly taught, but I don’t. Using a superstition is actually not a bad analogy, as some still swear by superstitions, even though we are much more enlightened than we were when those superstitions started. For example, so many athletes have rituals that they are convinced will bring them luck: wearing the same pair of socks, having the same number on their jersey no matter what team they’re on, and so on.

Could it be that this episode is seen as bad simply because the moral can be applied to religion? So what? There are still many things that science can’t explain away. (Yep, I’m getting on my soapbox just like Twilight literally did in this episode) But the humor is executed well, with some great slapstick throughout. Really the only thing I don’t like is how the hydra is drawn.