My Little Pony Season 5 Wish List

Well, I’ve been bad with this blog.  My new novel and its accompanying website Dragon Children have taken up so much of my time that I have forgotten all about MLP month.  So, I guess I’ll just jump right to my final idea I had: The Season 5 Wish List.


  • Fluttershy  forgives Discord. We knew next to nothing of their relationship prior to Discord’s betrayal. This needs to be fixed, writers.
  • At least one Cutie Mark Crusader gets a cutie mark. Four seasons of nothing is past long enough. It was hinted in “The Cutie Pox” that getting a cutie mark would not end their friendship, and I believe that their lack of cutie marks has become less of an issue.
  • Derpy becomes part of the main cast. Let’s really sock it to the soccer moms. I don’t care if she has to get a new voice, just please stop having her just in the background.
  • Shining Armor and Princess Cadance are no longer so bland. I really, really want to like these too, but they’re just not interesting enough.
  • Coco Pommel returns. I loved this character in “Rarity Takes Manehattan”. Please bring her back.
  • Princess Cadance and Shining Armor have a foal and Twilight has to babysit. I’m sure this would be a fun story.
  • A visit to Saddle Arabia.
  • A visit to Fillydelphia.
  • A visit to Las Pegasus.

Any or all of these ideas would make Season 5 20% cooler.


My Little Pony Month Part I: Top 11 Ponies


Well another season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is all wrapped up.  While I wait for season 5 to start, I  thought I’d dedicate this whole month to the show, especially since the franchise is now thirty years old. Let’s start with a top ten favorite characters countdown. Before I start, I’d better put up a disclaimer: I am only focusing on characters who’ve actually been focused on by the writers. Ponies like Derpy or Octavia, while I do like them, won’t be here because the show has yet to do anything about them. (OK, yes, there was “The Last Roundup”, but that’s a special case). So, let’s begin:

11) Zecora: From her first appearance, I have always found her interesting. Her constant rhymes, her arcane knowledge of herbs, she’s just a great character.

10) Pinkie Pie: What’s not to like about Pinkie? She’s fun, energetic, and all she wants is to make everyone she meets smile.

9) Princess Celestia: I like her motherly aspects. I also like the fact that she doesn’t just sit on her throne.  There are actually some episodes that show her as a ruler who is also a brilliant schemer. Even the first episode is a long game with Twilight herself as the pawn, when you think about it.

8) Discord: When “Keep Calm and Flutter On” reformed Discord, I admit I was skeptical that the idea would work.  However turning him from Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral has allowed him to grow as a character more than he would if he had stayed evil, considering the results of his being evil.

7) Apple Bloom: Apple Bloom is my favorite Cutie Mark Crusader.  She is the most level-headed of the trio and downright adorable.  She also turned me into an Applejack fan simply because of their relationship as sisters.

6)  Rarity: Rarity turned me into a fan of Tabitha St. Germain, her voice actress.  Her voice is so elegant and I think she’s just a great character. Her dedication to both her craft and genorosity .

5. Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash was one of the first characters I fell in love with, like many bronies. She’s brash, bold, and altogether awesome.

4. Twilight Sparkle: I identify with Twilight a lot.  If you want my full thoughts on her, just read my entry on her in my “Fictional Spectrum” series.

3. Applejack: I admire characters who are as devoted to honesty as Applejack. Her devotion to her family also made me a fan.

2. Fluttershy: Ah, Fluttershy. What I like best about her is her hidden courage. Despite her name and her status as the bearer of the Element of Kindness, she is NO pushover.  Not only has she wrestled a bear, but she also out-stared one of the most feared creatures in folklore, the cockatrice!

1. Princess Luna: In a very short time, Luna became my all-time favorite character.  She is a character who everyone who’s felt underappreciated can relate to.  She is a ruler who has had to atone for her sins as Nightmare Moon.  I love that the writers have given the role of protector of dreams, as both episodes that focus on this role are in my top 20 favorite episodes and it’s given her potential for depth.