“Healing Autism” Book Pulled From Amazon!

We have a victory, everyone!

Years ago, I posted an article about the dangers of the awful MMS “cure” that has been peddled by the Genesis II “church”. The cult has been peddling a book called “Healing Autism” for years on Amazon, and we autistics have been clamoring for them to remove the book from their online catalog. Now today, it finally has happened!

Healing Autism is not based on scientific research. It is not advocating anything that would help an autistic child. Instead, it tells parents to administer MMS, a chemical that is similar to bleach, as an enema. It does NOT cure autism. Read this article for more information.

Not only has this book been removed, but so has Jenny McCarthy’s book on “healing” autism as well. McCarthy is not a scientist. She is an anti-vaccine nutjob who founded Generation Rescue, an organization similar to Autism Speaks. Both organizations claim that vaccines cause autism, despite a multitude of research to the contrary. Why has this book been removed as well? Not only because advocates have protested, but also because these phony claims have caused measles outbreaks to resurface. Before this, we thought measles and mumps were a thing of the past. But phony research is endangering children. Some kids have shown their parents that they are actually smarter than their own parents, though.

This is a victory for autism advocacy everywhere. We have saved lives with our actions. Now all we have to do is get the church the justice they so richly deserve.


Notre Dame Cathedral Aftermath

notre dameWhen I first heard about the Notre Dame Cathedral, I was saddened. You see, I have never been to France. But, I am a native of Louisiana, which has a rich French heritage. Not only that, I have French and Italian ancestry in my blood, so I’ve always had a sort of connection to the country. And of course I’m Catholic. And one of my favorite books is Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. (And I love Les Miserables–the musical anyway. The book is…a chore. A rewarding chore, but still)

Of course, the morning radio around here had a pretty dour attitude about it. The radio station is pretty right-wing, so of course they didn’t believe the official report. They spent more time talking about mounting another attack on Muslims and bombing their mosques than talking about the casualties and damage. I didn’t want to hear that, so I dug around on less politically-motivated news sources so I could get some kind of tally on that. I’m not a vengeful person. When 9/11 happened, my first thought was not “let’s go kill Bin Laden and make them pay!” My first thought was “Oh no! How many people died and how are we gonna find people who actually managed to survive?” I did not even ONCE consider any kind of assault. All that does is make things escalate even more! I prayed for the families of the victims, but I did not let violence enter my mind. And I tried my best to do the same with Notre Dame.

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