Miracle Murder Solution


One of the big reasons I despise the notion that autism is a disease is that when you have a disease, people will want a cure. Cures lead to people being desperate. And desperate people will try anything. You would think in an age like today’s, snake oil would be an antiquity of the 19th century. Sadly, you’d be wrong. Meet the Genesis II “Church”. The Genesis II “Church” peddles a “cure” called Miracle Mineral Supplement, aka MMS, AMS, or (and this name angers me the most) Jesus Drops. The Genesis II “Church”, despite its name has NOTHING to do with religion (hence the quote marks I’ve inserted)Yes, it has reverends, but unlike Christianity, these wolves in sheeps’ clothing have no training in the seminary. They just need enough money to bribe for the title.

The “Church” was founded by Jim Humble, who appointed himself “bishop”. There’s also Kerri Rivera and Leonardo Avellino Edwards (more on them in following paragraphs) He is, at the time of this post, in his 80’s, and was a Scientologist for 25 years. He claims to have degrees in both Aerospace and Mining Engineering. In 1996, Humble was prospecting in Guyana, when his crew contracted malaria, which he claims to have “cured” with MMS. He also claims it can “cure” Ebola, AIDS, autism, and several types of hepatitis. I’m no medical expert, but I’d be suspicious of something making an outlandish claim like that. Jim Humble also has his own Twitter account.

Kerri Rivera lives in Mexico, and like Jim Humble, has no medical experience. She has her own Facebook page and website. These are used to promote a book called Healing Autism. The book recommends a “protocol” consisting of making a child swallow MMS, bathe in it, and giving enemas with it. She claims to have “cured” 140 children, including her own son. There are “testimonies” on YouTube with claimants who have their faces blurred (that should be a tip-off). According to the book, you are to give your child 9-16 doses of MMS (12-16 on days when the child isn’t in school). There are numerous other groups on FB besides hers, some even in different countries.

Leonardo Avellino Edwards is the “middle man”. Like the others, he has no medical experience. He peddles MMS as a “cure-all” and a “water purifier” worldwide. So, what is MMS, you ask? It’s sodium chlorite mixed with citric acid. When these elements are mixed together, it emits chlorine dioxide, an ingredient in bleach. A scientist named Emily Willingham tested it herself. Here’s the before: photo (2)

and here’s the after: photo (8)

Yes, this is bleach. To these people, autism is caused by parasites called “rope worms.” Rope worms are a myth. So, if MMS doesn’t “cure” autism, what does it do? It does the following:

  • kills red blood cells and vitamin C.
  • causes inflammation in cells.
  • causes long-term respiratory problems.
  • Removes mucosa in the colon, which can cause digestive problems.
  • daily enemas cause stress to the anus and rectum. Children will be unable to perform bowel movements naturally. They also lead to electrolyte imbalances, which can cause dehydration sickness and can lead to death.

So, why are parents abusing their children in this way? You can point the finger of blame at Autism Speaks, Generation Rescue, and Autism Now (Autism Now promoted MMS stateside in 2012. Kelli Rivera herself is a member of this group and has an autistic child who she has never used MMS on) They have presented autism as a death sentence. They want you to believe that you have to fight the autism that is “plaguing” your child. autism_rights_01 (2) There is no neuortypical (or “normal”) child trapped inside your autistic child. As autism advocate Amythest Schaber said in her videos on “treatments” like MMS, “Your child is born autistic, lives autistic, and will die autistic.”  So, what should a parent do instead? Realize that even autistic children have value. Do not try to “cure” them. Embrace their uniqueness and treat them as the gifts they are.

Please sign the petition at this link and tell Amazon that you want Healing Autism by Kerri Rivera removed from their catalog. https://www.change.org/p/amazon-remove-the-book-healing-the-symptoms-known-as-autism-from-your-sellers-list


Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

4 thoughts on “Miracle Murder Solution”

  1. I don’t know what’s crazier, the theory that autism is caused by “rope worms” (or vaccines) or the theory that earthquakes are caused by homosexuality.

  2. This is inhumane in my eyes this is child abuse Wat r ppl thinking? Our children with autism are not diseased or something to be cured. My son has autism and I wouldn’t change him for anything his my world. This cd mms sickens me !!

    1. Sadly, Andrew Wakefield’s so-called research is proving Winston Churchill was right when he said “A lie will reach halfway around the world before the truth can get its shoes on.”

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