Ohio Has It Wrong

There have been many states where pro-life laws have been passed. While I see this as a good thing in most cases, there is one case where it causes concern. And one is in Ohio, where the latest pro-life law has even included ectopic pregnancies.

For those who are unaware, a normal pregnancy occurs in the uterus, and the baby will grow normally. But in ectopic pregnancies, the pregnancy occurs in the fallopian tubes. This can lead to death if they are not properly removed. These people have this law all wrong.

In Catholic moral teaching, we have a principle called “double-effect.” According to this principle, aborting an ectopic pregnancy, even though it will result in the death of a fetus, is morally justifiable. You are not killing, you are saving a mother’s life. The death of the fetus in this one case, is an unfortunate consequence.

I’m all for ending abortion. But not in the case of ectopic pregnancy. This is not about pro-life issues. This is about controlling women.