Top 20 Best MLP Episodes #20


My last post started the top 20 worst episodes. But, I am a fan, so I will be posting the top 20 best episodes as well. Let’s start with one of the gems of Season 6.

20) The Fault In Our Cutie Marks

Writer: Ed Valentine

Storyboard: Karine Charlebois, Patricia Ross, and Nicole Wang

Season/Episode: 6, episode 19 (note: aired early in Poland)

Episode: 136

Characters: Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Gabby (1st appearance), Twilight Sparkle

The episode is already off to a good start with three of the show’s best writers, Josh Haber, Meghan McCarthy. McCarthy has been with the show from the very beginning. She also wrote for the upcoming movie as well. Josh Haber and Ed Valentine are late entries, starting in season 3. (The show has a habit of bringing in new writers whenever a new direction is being taken.)

At this point in the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ arc, they’ve finally gotten their cutie marks. Now it’s time for them to apply what they’ve learned in their struggles. They’ve found their purpose, which is to help others understand their own purpose in life.

What I think makes this episode so great is Gabby, the griffin we meet in this story. Up until this point, all of the griffins we’ve met have been, well not evil, but not exactly nice either. Gabby however, just can’t stop herself from helping others, and she believes that because she’s not like other griffins, she just might be able to get a cutie mark. But the Cutie Mark Crusaders have their doubts, especially when Twilight tells them that no griffin has ever gotten one.

Now here’s where I can show you that My Little Pony is a cut above other kids shows. In any other kids cartoon, Gabby would’ve gotten an easy out. Her efforts would’ve paid off, and we would’ve gotten a tainted story. But the point of the story is that we may put all our effort into a goal and still fail. I think if Gabby had gotten a deus ex machine ending and gotten what she desired, the story would’ve failed. Gabby’s test wasn’t meeting her goal, it was her attitude in spite of her failure. She even goes so far as to fake success not to make herself feel better, but to make the Crusaders feel better. That impressed me. This is a great message to send to children, that it’s okay to fail.

Next time, we have an episode from way back in the first season for a story that I have tried hard to like, but in the end, I can’t.


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