Ranking the Discography: Metallica Part IV: …And Justice For All (1988)

While on the Damage, Inc. tour in Sweden, Metallica used a tour bus with uncomfortable bunks. Cliff Burton picked Kirk Hammett’s bunk, and Hammett slept in the front of the bus. The bus skidded off the road, causing Burton to be thrown out of the car window as the bus flipped over on the grass. The window landed on Burton and killed him. He was replaced by Jason Newsted, who had previously played in Flotsam and Jetsam on their Doomsday For the Deceiver album. After releasing The 5.98 EP–Garage Days Re-revisited, the band began work on their next album.

…And Justice For All had three singles: “Harvester of Sorrow” , “Eye of the Beholder” , and “One”. It reached #6 on the album chart. The official release is notorious for having the bass turned down to an almost inaudible volume, however there are several unofficial remixes that enhance Newsted’s contributions.


James Hetfield: vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, production

Kirk Hammett: lead guitar

Jason Newsted: bass

Lars Ulrich: drums, production

The Tracks:

  1. “Blackened”: This was the only song credited to Newsted. The drumming sounds great.
  2. ” …And Justice For All “: The title track has a great complex rhythm.
  3. ” Eye of the Beholder “: This song has excellent syncopation. I don’t care that Ulrich hates it.
  4. ” One”: This was the first Metallica song I ever heard. It’s inspired by the movie Johnny Got His Gun, in which a soldier loses all his limbs and becomes suicidal. Metallica eventually bought the rights to the movie so they could continue to use it in videos. It’s one of my favorite songs from the album.
  5. “The Shortest Straw”: This song has excellent drumming and the enhanced bass on the fan remix is great.
  6. ” Harvester of Sorrow “: This is a song about a man who murders his family. Hammett has a great riff.
  7. “The Frayed End of Sanity” : This is my second favorite song on tge album. I love the intensity of Hetfield’s vocals.
  8. “To Live is to Die “: This was the last song Burton wrote for the band. Newsted sounds excellent on the remix and it’s a shame the official ruins it.
  9. ” Dyers Eve”: This is a great closer.

Final Verdict: Whether you listen to the fan remixes or not, this is an excellent album, and a great introduction for Jason Newsted.

Grade: A-


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