Ranking the Discography: Master of Puppets (1986)

Master of Puppets was Metallica’s first album to feature material not credited to Dave Mustaine. The album reached 29 on the Billboard 200. It has been certified Platinum 6 times.


James Hetfield: vocals, rhythm guitar

Kirk Hammett: guitar

Cliff Burton: bass, backing vocals

Lars Ulrich: drums


  1. “Battery “: The title refers to the crime of assault and battery. It has a fast start to the album.
  2. “Master of Puppets”: This is the album’s only single. I love the start-stops during the chorus. The song refers to drug addiction.
  3. “(Welcome Home) Sanitarium”: This slow song has a chilling feel to it, and some of Hetfield’s best vocals.
  4. “The Thing That Should Not Be” : This song was inspired by the Cthulhu mythos. I like the rhythm of this one.
  5. “Disposable Heroes “: This isn’t a terrible song, but I don’t like the chorus.
  6. “Leper Messiah”: This song attacks televangelists. It’s my least favorite song on the album.
  7. ” Orion”: This is an excellent instrumental track with a great driving rhythm.
  8. “Damage, Inc.” : I don’t like this song much. I think it’s the weakest song.

Final Verdict: The band shows some great evolution, with only a few weak songs.

Grade: C-


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