History of Comic Books Chapter XXIII: Steve Ditko at DC (Ditko’s Departure Part 2)


Ditko was signed to DC in 1968, and worked there into the 70’s. This chapter will only focus on his contributions to the Silver Age of DC,  Hawk and Dove and The Creeper.

Hawk and Dove first appeared in Showcase #75, before getting a comic of their own. They are brothers Hank (Hawk) and Don(Dove) Hall. Their names come from the two divergent philosophies they personify. Hawk is the more aggressive of the two. Both brothers possess enhanced speed, strength, and agility when transformed. (Unlike their namesakes, neither can fly) Hawk represents the pro-war philosophy of the 60’s, while Dove is more of a pacifist. This comic is probably one of Ditko’s preachier creations, with Hawk’s personality being more in line with Ditko’s Randian perspective. As a result, readers are supposed to side with Hawk more than Dove. The duo soon joined the Teen Titans. In later years, other people have taken on their mantles, but retaining their divergent perspectives.

The Creeper is journalist Jack Ryder. He received a comic book of his own called Beware the Creeper. Jack has a wristwatch -like device that transforms him into The Creeper. He gains the persona when he rescues a scientist named Dr. Yatz, who injects him with a serum that enhances his strength, speed, and agility. As the Creeper, Ryder has a mischievous personality, but doesn’t use his powers for evil.

Since this may be the last time I talk about Ditko for a while, I thought I’d address a common criticism. Some see his adherence to Ayn Rand as a crutch, because he refused to work without being able to promote objectivism in some way. While I disagree with his views, I admire his desires to stick to his beliefs. It’s a shame that the 60’s were not the best environment for the creative control he desired. Today, his legacy is unmatched.

Next Time: Warren Comics


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