Ranking the Discography: Yes Part III: The Yes Album (1971)

The Yes Album marked the first lineup change for Yes, as Steve Howe replaced Peter Banks during the tour for Time and a Word. It was the last album to feature Tony Kaye until 90125. It reached #4 in the UK, and #40 in the US.


Jon Anderson: Vocals, percussion

Steve Howe: guitar, laúd, vocals

Chris Squire: bass, vocals

Tony Kaye: piano, organ, Moog synthesizer

The Tracks:

  1. “Yours is No Disgrace”: This is an excellent opener. Howe is a much different guitarist from Banks, and I like him better.
  2. “The Clap”: Howe gets a short number all to himself to show off his skills.
  3. “Starship Trooper”: This 3-part suite is my favorite song on the album, with some excellent work from all members, with some unique distortion techniques on Howe’s guitar.
  4. “I’ve Seen All Good People”: This suite features Howe on both guitar and a Spanish lute called a laúd. It’s beautiful, and Squire has a great bass solo towards the end.
  5. “A Venture: Kaye has a nice jazzy piano solo on this.
  6. “Perpetual Change”: Like ” Starship Trooper”, this song also features a sci-fi theme and has a nice polyrhythmic feel.

Final Verdict: This album feels more like the Yes I know and love, with a noticeable difference between Howe and Banks.

Grade: A


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