Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Artists

Last time, I posted my favorite comic book writers. Now for my favorite comic book artists.

10) Scott McDaniel–I discovered Scott McDaniel when he was working on Nightwing with Chuck Dixon. He has a unique style that mixes Joe Quesada and Frank Miller.

9) Brent Anderson–It’s hard to measure up when Astro City has Alex Ross’s covers, but Anderson is up to the challenge.

8) Todd McFarlane–Say what you will about McFarlane as a person, but I have a lot of respect because he’s one of the few founders still left with Image. Spawn did take a while to get good, but the art was always great. And let’s not forget how great he was on Spider-man.

7) John Romita Jr.–John Romita Jr is the apple that doesn’t fall far from the tree, and he’s continuing his father’s legacy. He was great on Spider-man, and I’m pleased to see he still gets work. I especially like his use of negative space.

6) Norm Breyfogle–I don’t understand why Norm Breyfogle has never gotten a great fan base despite his credentials. He helped create Bane and I loved his Prime comic back when Malibu Comics was around. He also revitalized Archie Comics these days.

5) Carl Barks–Carl Barks is THE Disney Duck artist. He created many of the beloved characters you saw in Duck Tales in the 80’s, including its star Scrooge McDuck.

4) Phil Jimenez–Phil Jimenez is the successor to George Peréz’s “I’m gonna cram as many characters into this panel as I can, and you’ll love it” approach to comics. I’m in awe at how he does it.

3) John Byrne–like McFarlane, Byrne is an artist who’s infamously arrogant. I can put up with it because he was such a big part of what made X-Men  so great in the 80’s.

2) George Peréz–What I love about Peréz is his ability to cram as many characters into a panel and still have enough room left over for detail.

1) Alex Ross–Alex Ross’s painted style is so well-done that it belongs in a museum. In fact, I think it has been put in museums.



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