One Faith, Many Paths: Jannah Leah


This is my first interview with an Eastern Orthodox Catholic. Thank you, Jannah Leah.

1) How was your childhood?

Fairly average, I guess. About the biggest thing that impacted me was my parents’ divorce when I was six. I was also bullied all throughout school, which affected my self-esteem. To this day, I still suffer from self-esteem issues.

2) How did you become a Christian?

Really it was a combination of a few factors. I have suffered from depression for most of my life and in some ways faith has aided with that.  I also have an interest in history, theology, etc.  Religion is a subject that I’ve always found quite fascinating despite my family’s own irreligious background.

To give the short answer, I chose to become Christian because the messages were appealing to me.  I also found the historical evidence for Christianity, particularly Orthodoxy, to be overwhelming. No other religion can claim their historical figures performed public miracles.

3) How has your family taken your conversion to Christianity, given that they do not share your beliefs?

It’s been mixed. My mother is of the mindset that it’s a good thing if it’s what makes me happy. Others still don’t really know since they’re not particularly fond of religion.

4) You said that you used to be somewhat of a troll. What led to the change?

I guess the easiest answer would be that I simply grew bored of it and matured.  It also got rather tedious to have to constantly create new Facebook accounts.

5. When were you diagnosed as autistic?

I was fourteen I believe. Somewhere in my early teens.

6. What is your favorite bible passage and why ?

It is difficult to pinpoint just one passage, but I’m quite fond of the Book of Psalms as a whole. I find it rather powerful and moving. Whenever it’s recited, I get quite emotionally worked up.

7. Who is your favorite biblical figure besides Jesus?

Again, difficult to pinpoint.  I would say Moses is among the top, however. His story is quite fascinating.

Although he only plays a brief role in the Gospels, I’m also rather fond of the righteous thief; the words spoken to him by Jesus as they’re both on the brink of death are among the most powerful in the entire New Testament.

8. How does your autism manifest itself?

As a high-functioning aspie, most of my difficulties come in the form of social interaction. I cannot do small talk, that is one of my biggest challenges.

9. Who inspires you to be a better person?

This is probably an obvious answer coming from a Christian, but Jesus Christ. I also take his mother as a role model of sorts since I’ve opted to remain ever virgin.





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