One Faith, Many Paths: Tony Young

This week, I interview a good friend of mine named Tony Young. Here’s what he had to say.

  1. What evidence can you give for God’s existence?

 I’ve seen things in people’s lives… forgiveness, mercy, healing, that I can’t accept are a simple part of humanity, a standard part of nature.
2. What is your job?

 I work in the best pizza place in Georgia, at the Buzzery, making people happy one slice at a time.

3. What is your favorite Biblical passage?

 While I love the Ephesians 6 “Armor of God” passages, my favorite single verse is John 3:16.  Repeating it always gives me a little light in my day.

4Who is your favorite Biblical figure besides Jesus?

I like Ehud, from Judges.  God used him to free Israel, through wits and stealth, like some Metal Gear video game, and he was left handed.

5. What kind of person are you?

I’m very much a gamer, playing a variety of board, computer, and roleplaying games. I also have an interest in creature acting. Being that guy that goes through a lot of make up, doesn’t get a lot of press, but gets to be that cool monster on the screen.
6. What was your childhood like?

My childhood was rough.  My father was a drunk, and wasn’t there most of the time, and we grew up really poor, in a trailer. I didn’t have many friends, but it taught me to appreciate the simple things, like people, and food.
7. Who inspires you to be a better person?

Every person I meet that has a little hope or joy in their heart makes me want to be a better person, so that I can keep that spark going, that God will use me to keep that little bit of innocence or happiness alive in this darkened world.


Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

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