One Faith, Many Paths: Christian Jaeschke

For this edition of One Faith, Many Paths, I have chosen a Facebook friend all the way from the Land Down Under. We’ve known each other for years, thanks to being members of Christian Anime Alliance.  Here’s what he had to say:

1. What proof would you give for God’s Existence?

The beauty, creativity and variety found in nature. The weirdness and unity of fauna and flora. Nature’s not chaotic bur harmonious (as far as can be had living in a fallen world). It’s not survival of the fittest because some of the weakest species thrive. Some creatures seem to serve no purpose or look weird but they exist. The fact that there are so many variables in life that had to be designed to allow life on planet Earth. Also, how the human body has to be a certain temperature to survive. This isn’t some cosmic accident, it all points to a divine creator.  Finally, I believe are need to look for answers outside ourselves, points to there being a divine designer. There’s a desire for identity, purpose and hope, outside ourselves. That something else is the Triune God (Father God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit).

2. What was your childhood like?
I was raised in a Christian household. I can’t think of any particular moment in my life that I chose to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour but I know that I grew quite a bit in my faith in Year 9 at a youth group camp and then later, after I left high school and had a ‘wilderness’ moment in my life.

3. What is your current job?
 I’m a primary (elementary) school teacher.

4. What is your favorite Biblical passage and why?

My favourite Bible passage changes from time to time, but I’ve always enjoyed Ephesians 6:10-17. It’s all about the armour of God. I love the battle imagery and the practical use of God’s Word. It just speaks to me and reminds me that while the physical world often seems to be all there is, there’s a spiritual realm that’s all the more real.

5. Is the Christian religion doing well in Austrailia?

 Yes and no. Church numbers are plummeting and there is generally less interest from young people, once they’ve left high school but there also seems to be a rise in more authentic Christianity. Australia is definitely losing it’s Judeo-Christian heritage though.

6. Who is your favorite Biblical figure besides Jesus?

 Job. He’s a great man of faith that is so seriously tested by Satan and still clings to God. He’s very open and honest and raw with his questions. The book illustrates the mysteries of God as well as his sovereignty. In the end, Job is rewarded for his faith in God. It’s good to read about Job when you feel the world is against you, so you can put human suffering into perspective and be reminded that God has an ultimate plan, however mysterious it may be.

7. Is there anyone in your life who inspires you to be a better person?

I can’t think of any specific individual but Christian friends and family are helpful. They support and challenge me where needed.


Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

One thought on “One Faith, Many Paths: Christian Jaeschke”

  1. Interesting answer to number5. I would say, the same is certainly true in the states, sadly. Europe has already gone down that path… not sure how to turn it around. It’s in God’s hands, luckily!

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