Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part IX: Stormbringer (1974)

Before I start this review, I want to correct something from the previous review. I’d totally messed up and gave some inaccurate info on the vocals. I don’t know how I did this, as I’ve listened to bands that Coverdale and Hughes fronted after Deep Purple, including Whitesnake and Black Country Communion. I’ll try better this time.

Stormbringer is named after a magical sword that appears in books by Michael Moorcock. This makes Deep Purple one of three bands that have referenced his works (the other ones are Hawkwind and Blue Öyster Cult). Three singles were released: “You Can’t Do It Right” , “Lady Double Dealer”, and “Stormbringer”. The album reached #6 in the UK and 20 in the US. After this album, Blackmore formed Rainbow, which he initially intended to be a side project. However, Coverdale and Hughes stayed for one more album.


  1. “Stormbringer”: Although I haven’t read any Moorcock books, I thought this was an awesome opener. The vocals are really good, and I like Hughes’ higher range. Paice’s drumming is intense.
  2. “Love Don’t Mean a Thing”: Blackmore and Lord do some great instrumentation for a good funky tune.
  3. “Holy Man”: Hughes really gets a chance to shine by himself. Lord has some excellent keyboarding. Another one of my favorites.
  4. ” Hold On”: This one is decent, with a good bass line
  5. “Lady Double Dealer”: This is a fun song. It’s too bad Blackmore doesn’t like the funk elements Hughes and Coverdale brought in, because they sound great. Hughes has a great wail on this.
  6. ” You Can’t Do It Right (With the One You Love) “: A good blues feel on this one.
  7. ” High Ball Shooter”: My third favorite song on the album. Hughes and Blackmore have great synergy.
  8. “The Gypsy”: For some reason, this song didn’t work for me.
  9. “Soldier of Fortune”: This is a good closer, and Coverdale sounds good.

Final Verdict: Of the two albums featuring Hughes and Coverdale, I like this one best. The band has better synergy than they did on Burn. It’s a shame this is the end of Mark III.

Grade: A-