Couch Potato: The Flash

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When Marvel came out with all their movies, I went to them, but I was secretly wondering how DC would react. Although I love the X-men and Spider-man, Batman was my first superhero and I’ve always leaned more to them than Marvel. I liked the Henry Cavill version of Superman in Man of Steel and Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern wasn’t that bad, I thought.  Then Marvel went on TV with Agents of Shield, and I wondered if DC would do a live-action TV show as well. They answered by giving Greg Berlanti the rights to Arrow and The Flash. After watching Arrow’s first season, I knew the DC Universe was in good hands. But I’m not here to talk about Arrow, I’m talking about The Flash!

The Flash has always been one of my favorite DC superheroes.  One thing I like best is the legacy of the character.  In the Golden Age of comics, you had Jay Garrick. In the Silver Age, Barry Allen became The Flash. Then in the 80’s after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, you had Barry’s nephew Wally West, who started out as his sidekick, Kid Flash.

When Barry Allen first appeared in Arrow’s season 2 episode, “The Scientist”, I had a feeling the upcoming spin-off had promise.  The writers remembered that Barry is a forensic scientist and worked it into the plot.  A few episodes later, the show introduced us to two supporting cast members for the spin-off, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon.  When the spin-off aired, I gave it a shot. I always give every show I’m interested in a four-episode trial run. By the time I got to episode 3, I was hooked. Now that the first season has finished, I can’t wait for season 2.

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