I Am Asexual


Image: A t-shirt with text in the colors for Asexual Pride. The text reads “Yes I’m asexual. No I’m not waiting to meet the right person”

These days, it seems that everyone is professing a specific sexual identity. I however, am I unique case–I am asexual.

I’ve always been attracted to women, but not on a sexual level. I have had girl friends, but nothing beyond platonic.  I even had a date for the senior prom, but all we ever did was kiss.  Since then, I’ve never pursued a relationship. I have no desire to go out on dates.

People have often asked me if I’m still content, even without a wife. I’ve even had some assume that I must be gay, even though I am not. In addition to not desiring a romantic relationship, there is something else that prevents me: the financial responsibilities I would have added to my life. I am not financially able to support a wife, much less children. I do like being around children, but I don’t feel I’d be able to deal with this responsibility.

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