The Best Episodes of MLP: FIM #15

15. Hurricane Fluttershy


Writer: Cindy Morrow

Storyboard: Raven M. Molisee & Dave Weibe

Season/Episode: 2, ep. 22 Overall: 48

Characters: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy

Summary: Rainbow Dash has assembled a team of pegasi to divert water from Ponyville to Cloudsdale, and she wants to break the wingpower record of the last hurricane in order to impress Spitfire, the Wonderbolt who’ll be overseeing the operation. However, Fluttershy doesn’t wish to participate because she’s not a good flyer.

Review: Fluttershy is really not as one-note as she seems at first, and this episode is probably one of the best focused on her. I really like how this episode goes into her backstory of all the ridicule she received in Cloudsdale because of her abilities, and how Rainbow Dash was the only one who showed her any confidence. The training montage is the best part, although I would’ve put in a mock-up of “You’re the Best Around”, from the first Karate Kid movie. One of the best episodes of season 2, which in my opinion was where the show actually started to show its promise.




Top 20 Best MLP Episodes: Lesson Zero

lesson zero

#16) Lesson Zero

Writer: Meghan McCarthy

Storyboard: Raven Molisee and Nicole Wang

Season/Episode: 2, ep. 3

Overall: 29

Summary: Twilight obsesses more than ever because she hasn’t learned something new about friendship all week. Realizing she may be penalized for being tardy, she freaks out and asks her friends for advice, but they’re all doing fine for a change. Then she gets the worst possible idea–“if I can’t find a friendship problem, I’ll make a friendship problem!” Only good things can come of this.

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