Ranking the Discography: Yes Part XVI: Open Your Eyes (1997)

With Wakeman gone, Yes was without a keyboardist. Sherwood and Squire began to work on material for a new band they were going to call Conspiracy. New management from the Left Bank Organization suggested that they instead reform Yes, and two new keyboardist made guest appearances, Steve Porcaro and Igor Khoroshev. (Khoroshev would become an official member after this album). Two singles were released. The album was the first album not to make a presence on the UK chart, although it did reach 151 on the Billboard 200. It’s the lowest-rated album on Rate Your Music. For many years, it was not carried by Spotify, but has recently been added.


Jon Anderson: lead vocals

Steve Howe: guitar, mandolin, banjo, backing vocals

Chris Squire: bass guitar, harmonica, backing vocals

Alan White: drums, percussion, backing vocals

The Tracks:

  1. “New State of Mind”: This feels closer to when Rabin was still in the band, and feels too simplistic. It’s not bad, though.
  2. “Open Your Eyes”: This does have some good bass and rhythm, but it still feels bland.
  3. “Universal Garden”: This almost feels like it could work thanks to Howe’s guitar work.
  4. “No Way We Can Lose”: This has some light melodies and a groovy beat, and it seems as if the band is trying to make something work. It’s actually a good song. Khoroshev’s keyboards are a good help.”
  5. “Fortune Teller”: This has a groovy bass line, but it still feels like the band is trying to play it safe.
  6. “Man in the Moon”: This is the most chaotic song on the album,and has no cohesion.
  7. “Wonderlove”: This song kind of works, but it seems to fall flat near the end.
  8. “From the Balcony”: This short track ends before it can even try to be good.
  9. “Love Shine”: This track feels kind of basic again.
  10. “Somehow, Someday”: This one tries to have a rising melody, but once again falls flat.
  11. “The Solution “: This tries to have some good layers, but it doesn’t gel.
  12. “The Source” (Hidden Track): This song starts after a couple minutes of silence. It’s not a song at all, just a mishmash of nature sounds and boring vocals. I kept thinking “now is it over?” several times.

Final Verdict: I really wanted to like this album, folks. But it lacks cohesion, and the band feels like they’re trying to play things too simple. Every time a song feels like it might work, it stops.

Grade: D


Author: rocklobsterjwt

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One thought on “Ranking the Discography: Yes Part XVI: Open Your Eyes (1997)”

  1. I think OPEN YOUR EYES reflects the period of indecision that produced it. The shortlived classic-lineup reunion had dissolved, and OPEN YOUR EYES was a stopgap attempt to keep Yes going–a purpose the album did achieve. I like a number of songs here. The title track is actually one of my favorite Yes songs. and I’m a big fan of “Man in the Moon”, “Loveshine” and “New State of Mind” as well. That being said, the album feels half-formed–and I’m inclined to say that’s because it was.

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