Ranking the Discography: Yes Part XIV: Talk (1994)

In 1992, Phil Carson, had established a new independent record label called Victory Music, asked Yes to record an album for them. This would be the final album recorded by the “YesWest” iteration of the band, with Trevor Rabin and Tony Kaye leaving the band after the tour. Rabin would go on to compose movie scores before becoming a soloist. Two singles were released.


Jon Anderson: vocals

Trevor Rabin: guitars, keyboards, vocals, programming

Chris Squire: bass, vocals

Tony Kaye: Hammond organ

Alan White: drums

The Tracks:

  1. “The Calling”: The album’s highest charting single has some excellent guitar work from Rabin. I love the harmonies.
  2. “I Am Waiting”: Another excellent song from Rabin, with a good bass line and drumming.
  3. “Real Love”: Love the bass and heaviness of this one.
  4. “State of Play”: Some more good guitar and organs here. It has a nice groove to it.
  5. “Walls”: I don’t like this single as much as ” The Calling”, but it’s still good.
  6. “Where Will You Be”: Rabin intended this to be a song on an Australian movie. I love the vocals on this.
  7. “Endless Dream”: Yes, we finally get a long suite, for the first time since the 70’s! It starts with a beautiful piano intro before moving into a great 15/8 section. This song is amazing, and this sounds more like the Yes I know and love. It’s no ” Close to the Edge ” or “Gates of Delirium”, but I love it!

Final Verdict: Why did Spotify take so long to add this to their database? This isn’t the 70’s lineup for Yes, but it’s the closest YesWest has come to that sound while still having a more mainstream approach. It’s YesWest’s best album. Don’t let the terrible logo drive you away.

Grade: A


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