Ranking the Discography: Yes part 5: Close to the Edge (1972)

Close to the Edge is the final album Yes to be featured in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, and produced by Eddy Offord. The album reached #4 in the UK and #3 in the US. It was also Bill Bruford’s final album. According to Anderson, Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha inspired much of the album.


Jon Anderson: Vocals

Steve Howe: guitar, electric sitar, steel guitar, backing vocals

Chris Squire: bass, backing vocals

Rick Wakeman: keyboards

Bill Bruford: drums, percussion

The Tracks:

  1. “Close to the Edge”: This suite is divided into four parts: “The Solid Times of Change” (6:04) “Total Mass Retain” (2:23)–released as a single, “I Get Up, I Get Down” (5:45), and “Seasons of Man” (4:31). It starts with beautiful nature sounds for four minutes. The whole band sounds excellent, but I especially like Rick’s keys. The lyrics are inspired by a dream. Parts of it are in 12/8.
  2. “And You and I”: The second suite is also divided into four parts: “Cord of Life” (3:46), “Eclipse” (2:30), “The Preacher, The Teacher, and “Apocalypse” (0:47). It features some excellent folksy melodies on steel guitar. Parts of it are in 3/4 time.
  3. “Siberian Khatru”: This is the shortest song on the album, and the only one that isn’t a suite. “Khatru” means “as you wish” in Yemeni Arabian. It’s a song about unity in all cultures, and is often an opening number at concerts. I love its orchestral progression.

Final Verdict: This album is a masterpiece, even if its cover is kind of bland.

Grade: A


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