Ranking the Discography: Metallica

Now that I’ve finished with Metallica, it’s time for the next band, which will be Yes. But before I start that, let’s summarize my rankings.

11. Reload: Starting at the bottom with Reload. I wish I could tie it with the next one, but I can’t. This album is pure garbage. Even the “good” songs are garbage. Next.

10. Load is pretty much the same as Reload. I’m all for changing your image and sound. But don’t sacrifice your talent too.

9. Lulu is a train wreck. Maybe if they’d had a better producer, it might’ve worked.

8. St. Anger was an album I dreaded because of its reputation. I came away thinking it was bad, but slightly more tolerable than Load and Reload combined.

7. Hardwired…To Self-Destruct, Metallica’s most recent album, is very bloated, but also very good. It’s been a very long time since this came out, but I eagerly await the next one.

6. Death Magnetic, the first album to feature current bassist Robert Trujillo. Of the 3 bassists, he seems like the best. This is Metallica doing what they do best.

5. Master of Puppets was Metallica’s first album not to feature a mix of songs recorded with and without Megadeth’s founder Dave Mustaine. I feel it’s a tad overjoyed, but enjoyable nevertheless.

4. Kill ‘Em All: Maybe I’d like this album more if the band was more honest about how much they ripped off from Mustaine.

3. Ride the Lightning: While this does have more original material than its predecessor, it’s still tainted by what they ripped off from Mustaine.

2. “Black Album”: Time has been much kinder to this album than when the fans first heard it . I really don’t think Jason was a bad bassist at all. This album proves you can change your band’s sound without sacrificing talent. You don’t have to follow a trend.

1. …And Justice For All: I strongly suggest listening to unofficial versions of this album over the official. This album may be a transition before the Blackness, but it’s a solid masterpiece. I really had a hard time picking between this one and the Black Album, to be honest. I’m certain that if you caught me on a different day, I’d probably switch around my top 3.

Bottom line: Metallica has a good discography, even with the clunkers at the bottom. I will eventually give Megadeth some spotlight, in order to settle that rivalry. But for now, I’ll do a band I’ve put off for too long.

Next up: Yes!


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