Ranking the Discography: Nightwish Part 4: Century Child (2002)

I started getting into Nightwish around the time this album was released, thanks to hearing “Bless the Child” and their cover of Gary Moore’s “Over the Hills and Far Away” on Pandora. This was the first album to feature Marko Hietala on bass and vocals. It was also the first album to feature an orchestra.


Tarja Turunen: vocals

Empuu Vuorinen: guitar

Marko Hietala: bass, backing vocals

Tuomas Holopainen: keyboards

Jukka Nevalainen: drums, percussion

The Tracks:

  1. ” Bless the Child”: The opening song contains a quote from Sir Walter Raleigh’s poem “Even Such is Time”. It’s one of my favorite songs from the band.
  2. ” End of All Hope”: This song quotes an Emily Dickinson poem, “A Wounded Deer”. The keyboards are great.
  3. ” Dead to the World”: The title is a reference to the Edgar Allan Poe poem “William Wilson “. It’s the first song on the album to feature Marko’s vocals.
  4. ” Ever Dream”: This song was written specifically for Tarja’s vocals, and is arranged differently in concerts, with only the keyboards and vocals at the start, before the band joins in. One of the best songs on the album.
  5. “Slaying the Dreamer”: Tuomas wrote this in response to those who criticize his lyrics.
  6. ” Forever Yours”: This song quotes “Fare Thee Well” by Lord Byron.
  7. “Ocean Soul”: This song represents Tuomas’s love and fascination with the ocean. It has never been performed live because he feels the song is too personal. I love the imagery of the lyrics.
  8. ” Feel For You “: This is not one of my favorite songs, but I don’t hate it.
  9. ” Phantom of the Opera “: Tarja and Marko sing a cover of the main theme of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical based on thw classic movie.
  10. ” Beauty of the Beast “: Tuomas feels this is the most ambitious part of the album, closing the loop started by the opener.
  11. ” Lagoon”: This song references Eden, and was originally only on the Japanese release of the album.
  12. ” The Wayfarer”: This is another song referencing Walt Whitman.

Final Verdict: Marko is a great replacement, and his vocals complement Tarja’s well. This is a great new direction.

Grade: A


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