Ranking the Discography: Nightwish Part II: Oceanborn (1998)

(note: I like the European cover art better than the American cover art, so I’m using that instead.)

For their second album, Nightwish became a more bombastic, power metal band. They also added a new bassist, marking their first album as a quintet.


Tarja Turunen: vocals

Tuomas Holopainen: keyboards, backing vocals

Empuu Vuorinen: guitar

Sami Vänskä: bass

Jukka Nevalainen: drums, percussion

The Tracks:

  1. “Stargazers”: The guitars and keyboards sound excellent, and I like the new direction for the lyrics.
  2. ” Gethsemane “: Like “The Carpenter” , this song is inspired by the story of Jesus, focusing on his crucifixion. It’s one of the best songs on the album.
  3. “Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean”: In this song, a mermaid encounters the Anti-Christ. While the instrumentation is excellent, I don’t care for the vocals.
  4. ” Sacrament of Wilderness “: This was the first single to reach #1 in their native Finland. Another one of my favorites.
  5. ” Passion and the Opera”: I like the drumming on this one.
  6. “Swanheart”: I love the guitars on this one.
  7. ” Moondance “: This is a short instrumental track serving as an interlude.
  8. ” The Riddler”: I like the imagery and message of this song.
  9. “The Pharoah Sails to Orion”: This song was inspired by Exodus. It’s got a great keyboard.
  10. ” Walking in the Air”: This is Nightwish’s first cover. The song was written for the animated adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman. Tarja is so beautiful on this one.

Final Verdict: This is an excellent album. I have to agree with Loudwire’s ranking for this.

Grade: A


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