Ranking the Discography: Grateful Dead Part VIII: Blues For Allah

Blues For Allah is the final album released on the Grateful Dead’s own record label. It was their highest-charting album until 1987, reaching #12. It also marked Mickey Hart’s return to the band, meaning that it’s the first album with 7 members.


Jerry Garcia: Guitars, vocals, production

Bob Weir: Guitars, vocals, production

Phil Lesh: Bass, production

Keith Godchaux: keyboards, vocals, production

Donna Jean Godchaux: vocals, production

Bill Kreutzmann: drums, percussion, production

Mickey Hart: percussion, crickets, production

Additional Musicians:

Steven Schuster: flute, reeds

The Tracks:

  1. “Help on the Way”/” Slipknot “: This is a pretty good opener, but it’s not one of the standout songs for me. The “Slipknot” interlude has a pretty melody.
  2. “Franklin’s Tower”: This song has a great rhythm, and I like the vocals. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album.
  3. “King Solomon’s Marbles”: This is such a jam! It’s my favorite instrumental on the album. It has a unusual rhythm and melody to it, but it’s still awesome.
  4. ” The Music Never Stopped “: Lesh’s bass line is a treat! Another one of my favorite songs.
  5. ” Crazy Fingers” : This has music set to haikus by Robert Hunter. This is where the album starts to taper off for me. It’s fine, but I don’t enjoy it that much.
  6. “Sage and Spirit”: This one didn’t really grab me. It was nice, but I don’t know why.
  7. ” Blues For Allah”/ “Sand Castles and Glass Camels”/” Unusual Occurences in the Desert”: While I like the title track portion, the last two parts feel kind of weak.

Final Verdict: I think my biggest problem with this album is that most of the interludes don’t work for me, and there are too many of them. This is the weakest album so far for me, but I don’t hate it.

Grade: C


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