Star Wars Visions Review: Lop and Ocho

Writer: Sayawaka

Director: Yuki Igarashi

Summary: A rabbit-like slave named Lop is found on the planet Tau by Yasaburo (a clan leader) and his daughter Ocho, who adopt her, with Ocho even calling her her little sister. The story flashes forward, and Ocho is now older and cooperating with the Empire. This puts her at odds with her father, who wants the Empire off their world.

Review: Not long ago, I heard a saying “You are often part of two families: the family of blood and the family of choice.” This short uses that saying . Lop is not even the same species as Ocho or her father, and yet she treats her as such, even placating her with food to convince her to join their clan.

I liked how honor-bound Yasaburo was. He wants the Empire gone. To him, Ocho is betraying her family as well as her world. With no one else to turn to as an heir, Lop is the logical choice. It’s easy to see why this infuriates Ocho.

I liked how Lop is so trusting of Ocho. Even after Ocho kills their father, she still thinks her sister can be redeemed. The ending was well-handled.

To be honest, I could’ve ranked this higher, but with the next 4 titles, I had to put this somewhere. I didn’t dislike it, it’s just the next 4 are so amazing.


Author: rocklobsterjwt

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