Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part XX: Infinite (2017)

Infinite reached #105 on the Billboard Albums Chart and 6 in the UK. It had 4 singles( “Time For Bedlam”, “All I Got is You”, “Johnny’s Band”, and “The Surprising” )


Ian Gillan: vocals

Steve Morse: guitar

Roger Glover: bass

Don Airey: keyboards

Ian Paice: drums

The Tracks:

  1. “Time For Bedlam “: The first single is an impressive opener. I’m becoming more tolerant of Gillan’s changes in his voice due to his age.
  2. ” Hip Boots”: A dirty tune (and not just because of the cursing) with a good bass and some excellent guitar riffs. One of my favorite songs from the album.
  3. “All I Got Is You”: A great rocker, and some excellent drumming from Paice.
  4. ” One Night in Vegas”: Airey sounds great on this.
  5. “Get Me Out of Here”: This one’s not bad, and it has a fun sound to it.
  6. ” The Surprising “: This song took more than one listen, but I liked it.
  7. ” Johnny’s Band”: A nice cool rhythm for this one.
  8. “On Top of the World” : More sneering vocals from Gillan and solid guitar work.
  9. “Birds of Prey “: Another favorite, with one of the best solos.
  10. ” Roadhouse Blues”: I didn’t much care for this cover. But Steve d does have a good solo, and Airey seems up to the challenge of the original.

Final Verdict: The best offering from this iteration of the band so far.

Grade: B+


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