Ranking the Discography Part XVIII: Rapture of the Deep

Rapture of the Deep was released in 2005. Unlike the last two albums, this album isn’t skipped on Spotify. The album reached #81 in the UK and #43 in the US.


Ian Gillan: vocals

Steve Morse: guitar

Roger Glover: bass

Dan Airey: keyboards

Ian Paice: drums

The Tracks:

  1. “Money Talks”: This is a great opener. Steve and Roger have great chemistry, and Steve has an excellent solo.
  2. “Girls Like That”: Airey’s keyboards really shine here.
  3. “Wrong Man”: The rhythm section sounds great.
  4. ” Rapture of the Deep “:The title track is the best song on the album, and another chance for Airey to shine.
  5. ” Clearly Quite Absurd”: I didn’t like this at first, but on the second listen, it sounded better.
  6. “Don’t Let Go”: I love Airey’s solo.
  7. ” Back to Back”: Some solid drumming and two great solos from Morse and Airey.
  8. “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”: The rhythm slams on this.
  9. ” Junkyard Blues “: Paice kills it on the drums.
  10. ” Before Time Began”: The closer has good bass and keys.

Final Verdict: While Gillan’s singing isn’t that great anymore, everyone else, especially Airey, makes up for it. This album really allows him to shine.

Grade: B+


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