Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part XVI: Abandon (1998)

Abandon was the last album to feature Jon Lord. Lord left the band in 2002, and died of pancreatic cancer in 2012. The album reached #76 in the UK. The title is actually a pun, as in “A Band On Tour .”


Ian Gillan: vocals

Steve Morse: guitars

Roger Glover: bass

Jon Lord: keyboards

Ian Paice: drums

  1. “Any Fule Know Dat”: This is a strong opener with rapid-fire vocals. Paice lays down a nice rhythm. Lord’s solo is great, and Morse can shred!
  2. “Almost Human”: Good rhythm, and Steve is dynamite.
  3. ” Don’t Make Me Happy”: Pretty good low-key song, and Loed sounds cool.
  4. “Seventh Heaven”: Paice has rapid-fire drumming, and Lord and Morse sound awesome. One of my favorite songs on the album.
  5. “Watching the Sky”: On first listen, I didn’t like this, but it grew on me. Once the band kicks in, it sounds cool.
  6. “Fingers to the Bone”: Lord and Morse are the stars here, and there’s a nice soft harmonica.
  7. “Jack Ruby”: Morse does some more shredding and Lord has an awesome solo. Another favorite.
  8. ” Whatsername “: I didn’t care for this one.
  9. ” 69″ : Awesome keyboards on this one.
  10. “Evil Louie” : The best song on the album!
  11. “Bludsucker”: This is actually a reworked version of the song “Bloodsucker” from In Rock. It’s not bad.

Final Verdict: A fitting farewell for Jon Lord. It’s a shame this is another album Spotify skips.

Grade: A-


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