Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part XII: The House of Blue Light (1987)

House of Blue Light was the 6th album for the Mark II lineup of Deep Purple. It had two singles: “Call of the Wild” and “Bad Attitude”. The album reached #10 in the UK and #34 in the US.


Ian Gillian: vocals

Ritchie Blackmore: guitar

Roger Glover: bass

Jon Lord: keyboards

Ian Paice: drums

The Tracks:

  1. “Bad Attitude” : A great opening song, with a good guitar and bass.
  2. “The Unwritten Law “: Gillian has some of his best vocals on this album. One of my favorite songs.
  3. “Call of the Wild ” : Of the two singles, this is my favorite. Everyone brings their A-game.
  4. “Mad Dog “: This one’s a little cheesy for my taste.
  5. ” Black and White”: Another one of my favorite songs, with excellent vocals from Gillian and some good keyboards from Lord.
  6. “Hard Lovin’ Man”: I didn’t like this song.
  7. ” The Spanish Archer”: A great song with good drumming.
  8. “Strangeways: Lord does some of his best keyboards on this one.
  9. ” Mitzi Dupree”: Another song I thought was too cheesy.
  10. “Dead or Alive “: Pretty good closing song with a good bass.

Final Verdict: While there are some strong tracks on this, the cheesy ones lose me a little.

Grade: B+


Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

One thought on “Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part XII: The House of Blue Light (1987)”

  1. Let’s talk about this ‘cheesy’ business. There are times I think you throw around words without any real thought to criteria. I’m thinking about some bands, songs and albums I know you like. Come on, “Mitzi Dupree” and “Mad Dog” are “too cheesy”, while “We Are The Champions,” “Fat Bottomed Girls” and, for the love of God, “Bohemian Rhapsody” are not?

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