Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part V: Fireball (1971)

Fireball was the first Deep Purple album to hit #1. Both the UK and American versions have different track listings. I’m using the version that is on Spotify.


Ian Gillan: vocals

Roger Glover: bass

Ritchie Blackmore: guitar

Jon Lord: keyboards, organ

Ian Paice: drums

The album was produced by Martin Birch, Lou Austin, Alan O’Duffy.

The Tracks:

“Fireball”: The opening song has some great drumming.

” No No No” : Although the title is silly, this song is pretty good. Blackmore has a cool hook.

“Strange Kind of Woman”: One of the best songs on the album. It has a great rhythm with a cool bass line.

” Anyone’s Daughter “: One of the weakest songs. The chorus doesn’t work for me.

” The Mule”: Another favorite song. This has some of Lord’s best organ work. It became a live staple.

“Fools”: Another great song. with some great vocals and some great soloing from Blackmore.

” No One Came”: A decent song to end on.

Although the album is not well-liked by the band (Gillian is the only member who actually likes it, and even he has problems), Lars Ulrich of Metallica says it was the album that got him into rock.

Final Verdict: I’m going to disagree with the band here. This is a great album, and it shouldn’t be overlooked, especially for “The Mule” alone.

Grade: A+

Next: Machine Head


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