Ranking the Discography: Deep Purple Part IV: In Rock (1970)

Note: This is an article I posted on Amino. I cannot post there anymore, so I’m reposting here. I will repost the first three albums in the coming weeks, as well as continuing from this point.

In Rock begins the Mark II lineup, marking the departures of Rod Evans as lead singer and Nick Siempre on bass. The new lineup is:

Ian Gillan: vocals

Roger Glover: bass

Ritchie Blackmore: guitar

Jon Lord: Organ

Ian Paice: drums

The album was preceded by the single “Black Knight”, which is included on the deluxe edition. It’s featured in Robert Dimery’s book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

The Tracks:

“Speed King” : Pretty cool fast-paced opening song.

“Bloodsucker” : This is a great showcase for Ian Gillan, who is a much better singer than Rod Evans

“Child in Time”: The best song on the album. Gillan sure can wail! Lord is excellent on the organ, and Glover has a nice bass hook.

” Flight of the Rat”: Some excellent guitar riffs from Blackmore and Paice does some great drumming.

“Into the Fire”: Some more cool bass riffs from Glover and Gillan wails some more.

” Living Wreck “: Some excellent frantic drums by Paice.

” Hard Loving Man”: This is a good bluesy feel, showing that side of the band still exists.

Final Verdict: A great start for the most legendary version of the band. This is where they start to get good.

Grade: A+


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