History of Comic Books: The Silver Age Chapter XVI: Dr. Strange

Strange Tales was the last Marvel anthology to change, and it did by essentially trying to give Johnny Storm his own solo series. In #110, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko teamed up to create Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange. Stan Lee was inspired by the radio show Chandu the Magician. However, it wasn’t until four issues later that we saw his origin.

Dr. Stephen Strange was an egotistical doctor, caring only about financial gain. After a car crash, he was unable to use his hands. He met the Ancient One (who in the comics was a Chinese man, not a Celtic woman as depicted in the MCU movie. At first, the sorcerer will not help him, but when Strange foils his assistant Baron Mondo’s attempt to murder him, he sees the goodness within. The early shorts also introduced Clea (his girlfriend), Dormammu (his main antagonist), Kaecilius (who helps Mondo) and Kaluu (another former student of the Ancient One). He also inherited the Eye of Agamatto and an assistant named Wong. Ditko gave the series a surreal landscape that made it more popular. In #168, Strange Tales transitioned into Dr. Strange’s first solo series, lasting 15 issues.

Dr. Strange would eventually return to his own title in the 1970’s. He also formed the Defenders.

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