Trump Has Destroyed America


I was taught for most of my life that the Republican party is the party of America. Ronald Reagan was the president of my childhood. Even though I paid little attention to the news, I still admired him. So when I became old enough to vote, I naturally voted Republican. I was told the Democrat party was evil. They would do away with all my freedoms, especially my freedom to worship God.

But 2016 changed all that. Actually, I like to say Trump’s campaign for presidency started much earlier than 2015. It started when he was criticizing Obama throughout his administration, even going so far as to question his citizenship. And people began to buy it.

in 2015, Trump began his campaign for presidency. I watched in horror as his support swelled. But it was NOTHING like the support Reagan or any of the Bushes got. Oh sure, the right-wing Christians admired them. But they NEVER worshipped them! I have seen so many memes that would have you believe that Trump is on the same level as Jesus. Trump signing a bill as Jesus guides his hand. Trump being embraced by Jesus. And the most blasphemous one of all: both Trump and Jesus are walking on water, and Jesus is BEHIND Trump. I watched as no one cared when he insulted a disabled reporter. I watched as he said that he has never asked God for forgiveness, something every Christian is taught. When he was asked what his favorite verse was, he dodged the question, saying there were too many. He wasn’t just their candidate, he was their new Golden Calf.

Trump is the antithesis of everything Christianity is about. He is an immature man who throws fit on Twitter on a regular basis. He doesn’t care about his fellow man. He is a belligerent con artist. And yet his supporters blindly follow him. He once said that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue, and he would not lose supporters. He has committed adultery, which goes against one of the 10 Commandments. And they don’t care.

This pandemic that we are currently facing is not Trump’s fault. But we are being told that our lives are not as important as the economy. Trump wants the quarantine to end as early as possible. He doesn’t care if we have a cure, or how high the death toll gets. And his followers are now equating the quarantine with an assault on the constitution. He acted far too late, and these protests are not helping. All they will do is put more people at risk of infection.

I am no longer proud of my country. We have removed God and replaced Him with a volatile, tantrum-throwing child who refuses to grow up. I am constantly afraid that he will do whatever it takes to maintain his presidency. No matter what he says or does, his cult will obey, rather than use the brains God gave them. We have turned the flag and the state into our god. I no longer recognize my country.

Our country has been destroyed, and not by an invader. It has been destroyed by its own pride and perversion of its ideals. And I pray that we will finally realize our mistake and repent.


Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

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