Worst Star Trek TNG Episodes: Sub-Rosa

subrosaI’m currently on the final season of Star Trek: TNG, and although I do like the grand finale for the series, I’m at a point where I’m like “could we have skipped to the end?” Granted season 6 did lose a little steam, but it still had some good moments. The problem was at this point, Deep Space Nine was currently in its second season, and Voyager was in its planning stages as the flagship for the UPN Network. This meant that the writers were running out of ideas and too busy trying to work on making those shows the favorites they’d become once TNG had run its course (although both spin-offs did have considerable hurdles before they got there.)

Sub-Rosa is one such example of how the show is grasping for straws. We had Beverly finally giving us some background that we could’ve gotten in any other season about her family. Previously the only family we knew about were her late husband and of course Wesley. (While we’re at it, where was that brat during this episode? You’d think a funeral for one of his grandparents would be a requirement for him to show up) We find out Beverly’s mom had a secret boyfriend–who just happens to be a ghost.

This is a plot that doesn’t fit Star Trek at all. Star Trek, either version, rarely if ever dipped into the supernatural or the occult. If anything, I’d expect the brothers on Supernatural to deal with this sort of plot on their travels. I mean seriously, Beverly was a character who rarely got episodes about her. THIS was the best you could come up with? Beverly having ghost sex? Seriously?


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