Debunking Lies: Are Christians Copycats Part 2: Dionysus


Last time, I broke down why Jesus is not a copy of Horus. But the atheists don’t stop with him. They’ve also proposed Dionysus. So for part 2, let’s continue debunking the meme.

Dionysus was a lesser god in Greek mythology, not even one of the major ones like Zeus. The whole thing started because someone wrote a book called The Jesus Mysteries, featuring an amulet that had an image of Dionysus on a cross. So does this mean we copied crucifixion from the Greeks?

First of all, the two writers of the book–Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy–were debunked when the book was originally published. The amulet was found 3 centuries AFTER Jesus’s crucifixion. By this time, thousands of manuscripts of the New Testament existed.

Next up, the so-called virgin birth. Dionysus was not born of a virgin. He is one of the many children of Zeus with a human name Semele. So that part crumbles.

Could Dionysus turn water into wine? Well, yes. But this proves nothing. Dionysus was a god. He’d be expected to perform miracles. And since he’s the wine god, this would seem no big feat.

Atheists also leave out this important fact: There actually are non-Christian and even non-Judaism sources that show that Jesus actually existed. We can’t say that about Dionysus.

Greek mythology happens to be one of my passions. This one really made me laugh.

Next week, we’ll look at the supposed connection to the Mithras cult.



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