One Faith, Many Paths: Lizzie Storm

This month’s interview is with a very interesting woman named Lizzie Storm, who is a member of my Autistic Christians group.

1. What was your childhood like?

Very tough growing up. I had loving and supportive parents but I felt I didn’t before among my peers. When I was about 11 and started getting called weird for the first time, I used to think what was wrong with me, then I ended up severely bullied. I never want to go back and look towards the future. I know Jesus can do anything, so I hope to do things again and have a second chance at making friendships with a renewed life in Heaven.

2. What is your favorite biblical passage?

Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

3. How did you become a Christian?

I wanted to go to Heaven and my teacher at my Christian school, Mrs. Blakeman, told me how to get saved. Then I was happy. I was like “Oh, that’s how you get to Heaven.” So I gave my life to God in 1999 at 9 years old.

4. What evidence can you give for God’s existence?

I have seen him. I think it’s something you have to experience yourself.  God will always find a way to reveal himself to you. Also how unique we are. That couldn’t have happened just by chance.

5. Who are your favorite biblical figures besides Jesus?

Gabriel, The Virgin Mary, and St. Michael

6. Why did you try to commit suicide?

Rejection, pain in my soul, people making fun of me because of my autism. What stopped me? My parents. The thought of being in a hospital and leaving my mother behind. Angels and Jesus comfort me sometimes.

7. What are your visions like?

They are random, just like when I get attacked by demons. I see a huge sea which I think is the crystal waters and I meet saints there who have recently died. Saints I don’t know, like a Jamaican woman who was in distress because she wanted her son to know she was still alive and an American man who died in 1983.  I’ve also spoken to angels. My favorite was when I spoke to St. Mary in a language I didn’t understand. (I wasn’t in Heaven then, it was a dream) The second time we met she said it was an honor to meet me!

8. What do you think Heaven is like?

Peaceful, no more pain. I can be a child again and have friends. And we can go shopping and go to a theme park, go swimming–lots of things people take for granted but having autism, I’ve never had that. And I get to hang out with Jesus, St. Michael, St. Mary, and many more in the flesh! It will just be fun, I’ll have lots of friends, no rejection, no hatred, and no pain ever again. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. I think we will also have a new name so we can start over.

9. What is your job?

I am a writer. God gave me a brilliant mind so I can see things differently. Every word and object in existence is praising God! Let me show you what I mean. You can twist a word into something else (i.e. “sky”)–replace sky with glory–then two words worshipping Jesus. Then you can see Jesus everywhere, in your car, your house, your house, in your own thoughts (even bad ones can be made into something good using this method.) Remember when the devil attacks you, even he cannot escape God’s glory and you can be worshippin God using this method without even realizing it. 

10.What is your denomination?

Although I go to an Anglican church, I don’t really have one. I have a variety of beliefs scattered across many.



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