Top 20 Worst MLP Episodes #19

owl19. “Owl’s Well That Ends Well”

Writer: Cindy Morrow

Storyboard: Mike West & Sherann Johnson

Season/Episode: 1, 15

Episode: 15

Characters: Spike, Owlowicious (1st appearance)

Episodes focused on Spike tend to be the most poorly written episodes, and that’s really a shame. That’s not to say he hasn’t gotten some good stories, “Equestria Games” and “Gauntlet of Fire” are my favorites. But I think part of the problem is that Spike is essentially a satellite character. Unless he has someone to play off, he’s not all that interesting. He’s really at his best when he’s the voice of reason and supports the other characters, particularly Twilight Sparkle.

My main problem with this episode is Owlowicious. In the episode’s climax, we are told that Twilight allowed him to stay in the library because he was helping her at night. There’s just one problem, Cindy Morrow. All the scenes where he helps Twilight take place during the day! And what was the point of those fake jump scares every single time he turned his head all the way around? They accomplished nothing, and he wasn’t even meant to be a scary character, much less a villain.

I’m ranking this episode so low as a means of forgiving it. It’s a season one episode, and while the first season wasn’t necessarily bad, it was easy to tell the writers hadn’t really gotten the hang of some of the characters. As I’ve always told people, it wasn’t until I got to the tail end of season 2 that I was hooked. This is part of the reason.


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