I Am Asexual


Image: A t-shirt with text in the colors for Asexual Pride. The text reads “Yes I’m asexual. No I’m not waiting to meet the right person”

These days, it seems that everyone is professing a specific sexual identity. I however, am I unique case–I am asexual.

I’ve always been attracted to women, but not on a sexual level. I have had girl friends, but nothing beyond platonic.  I even had a date for the senior prom, but all we ever did was kiss.  Since then, I’ve never pursued a relationship. I have no desire to go out on dates.

People have often asked me if I’m still content, even without a wife. I’ve even had some assume that I must be gay, even though I am not. In addition to not desiring a romantic relationship, there is something else that prevents me: the financial responsibilities I would have added to my life. I am not financially able to support a wife, much less children. I do like being around children, but I don’t feel I’d be able to deal with this responsibility.

I feel our society is too sexually driven.  It’s everywhere–in music, movies, television, video games. Even children’s cartoons have started to allude to it, like Legend of Korra and Steven Universe. I’ve always stood out from the rest of society because I am autistic, and asexuality is another way I stand out.

I feel that being asexual is part of my identity, much like being autistic.  I am content with who I am. The only thing that bothers me is that people have made the wrong assumptions about why I am not married or engaged. I think my platonic relationships are enough for me.



Author: rocklobsterjwt

I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

6 thoughts on “I Am Asexual”

  1. Hi, actually asexuality is quite common amongst autistics/people on the spectrum. I was asked to include it in my book on sexuality and relationships by lots of people. I hope by including it that it helps people to know that this is a valid choice, that there are others who also identity as asexual and most importantly that it is fine, and people can be happy expressing who they are how it feels comfortable (as long as of course they are not hurting anyone)

  2. I haven’t visited this blog in a long, long time, and look what I found this month. What an interesting declaration I just read. But it does not surprise me. 🙂 You are a great person and an unique man. I give thanks to God for your life and how you are influencing the world trough your blogs.

  3. I understand and relate to that! Being single is a vocation in itself! I have many friends of the oposite sex whose company I enjoy. I also value the freedom I have to be able to help people, which would be harder if I was tied up in a particular relationship. I am happy, Aspie and Catholic

    1. Wow, well always nice to meet a fellow autistic in the church! BTW, I’m an admin in a FB group for autistic Christians. If you have a FB contact, I’ll add you.

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