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Last year, I gave you a list of autism-themed websites and blogs. I’ve decided to make a sequel of sorts. Not only will this be blogs, but also a couple web-based magazines and another YouTube vlogger.

    1. Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism–Probably the best web magazine for autism. Lots of great articles here.
    2. Proud Autistic Living- I’m Facebook friends with the blogger of this site, Richard Johnson, a native of Australia. He’s the founder of a Christian group called AU Christians, which I co-admin with him.
    3. Hannah Riedel- A vlogger I met in a Facebook group called Autistic Allistic Alliance. She has videos on a variety of autism-related topics.
    4. Respectfully Connected –A great autism-related blog. No complaints here.
    5. ASAN (Autism Self-Advocacy Network) –The home page for the Autism Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN)

  1. Ollibean–This is a resource not just for autism, but all disabilities.
  2. Dinah the Aspie Dinosaur –This is a webcomic about a green bipedal dinosaur named Dinah, who has Asperger’s Disorder. It’s a light-hearted look at what it’s like to have this condition.
  3. Unstrange Mind –Richard Grinker’s blog. He also has a book, if I’m not mistaken.
  4. The Caffeinated Autistic –One of the first blogs I ever found, and also one of the most respected. He’s got a great article about Autism Speaks, which was a source I used for my articles as well.
  5. The Fool on the Hill –A blog I recently discovered through my friend, Richard Johnson.  The blogger’s name is Cara, and she is very blunt, but a great writer.
  6. Emma Dalmayne- This blogger from the UK is an activist against MMS and a great voice in the autism community.





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