Interview: Madeline Stuart


Thanks to articles I’ve seen on Facebook, I’ve learned of a model named Madeline Stuart. Now, I’m not someone who follows fashion. However, what grabbed me is that Madeline has Down’s Syndrome. To me, she is helping to redefine beauty because her features are not normally what you would find on a model. I had to find out more about her, so I began following her on Facebook. What I learned was here was a confident woman who was not going to let pre-conceived notions about her disability get in the way of her dream. I myself have had the pleasure of friendships with people who have Down’s Syndrome, so I was intrigued by her. So I contacted her agent via email and she agreed to an email interview. Due to the nature of this interview, I am not counting it as part of my “One Faith, Many Paths” series, even though she did admit to a Christian faith. Here’s our interview:

1. What was your childhood like? What challenges did you face growing up?

I had a wonderful childhood, my mum was always there for me, the only challenge I ever really had was weight, I always had trouble staying fit.

2. What made you decide to become a fashion model?

I just went to a show one day and thought it looked fun.

3. What I like best about you is that you have a figure that is unique from most models I’ve seen. Do you feel this helps your career?

I don’t think about my figure, I only worry about being kind to people and having fun.

4. What is your stance on the existence of God? If you believe, why?

I am a spiritual person, I went to a religious school and I believe we should be kind to one another and to always live a moral life.

5. How do you unwind when you’re not modeling?

I love hanging out with my friends and family and going to the gym

6. What advice would you give to other people who would like to be a model, whether or not they have Down’s Syndrome?

I would ask them why they are doing it, if it is because they have fun and it makes them happy they should do it. Always believe in yourself and be self respecting of your worth.

Madeline’s website:

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Madeline’s dance company has a gofundme page which can be found here:


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