One Faith, Many Paths: Beth Vosskuhler

A few months ago, a Facebook friend and I started a Facebook group to help autistic Christians grow in the faith. I decided I should interview one of my members. The member I’ve chosen is fellow Catholic Beth Vosskuhler.

1. Are you a cradle Catholic or a convert? 
I am a cradle Catholic, but have considered converting a few times before I decided on Catholicism for good in my 20s.
2. What was your childhood like? 
My home life was great.  I was bullied a lot at school, though.
3. What evidence can you give for God’s existence?
How else do you explain the Big Bang?!
4. Are there any specific devotions you practice as a Catholic? 
I try to say the rosary regularly, but it tends to be irregular because my discipline is not the best.
5. Who is your favorite Saint?
  I can’t really pick a favorite, but I will tell you that my confirmation name is Cecilia because music is very important to me.
6. Who is your favorite biblical figure besides Jesus?
  The Gospel author John.
7. What is your favorite biblical passage?
(Oddly, not from John, but Matthew)  Come to me, all you who find life burdensome, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek of heart.  And you will find rest, for My yoke is easy and my burthen light.
8. Who in your life makes you want to be a better person? 
My husband.  I feel being a good wife for him is very important.
9. What is your job? 
I am a private music teacher.  I am certified to teach in the schools, where I could actually make a living, but I can’t seem to get past job interviews.

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