My 40th Birthday Timeline

Me at 5 years old. Wasn't I cute?
Me at 5 years old. Wasn’t I cute?

On July 8, 2015, I will turn 40 years old! I’ve decided to celebrate this by sharing some important events from my life that shaped me into the person I am today. Some of these will be guesses, but others will be definite.

1975: 7/8–I am born in Oxnord, CA.

1978(?)–My parents move to Lafayette, LA and my dad begins an apprenticeship prior to becoming a bricklayer. He meets my future stepmother.

1979-80–My dad divorces my birth mother and marries the woman who becomes my stepmother. My stepmother also begins teaching me to play the piano, a pastime I still enjoy.

1980–My parents take me to see my first theatrical movie, “The Empire Strikes Back, which begins my passion with science fiction.

I start school at Broadmoor Elementary (which is now called Prairie Elementary)

1981–I think I got my first comic book in this year, an issue of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories.

I begin watching Saturday morning cartoons. Spider-man and His Amazing Friends and Superfriends introduce me to both Marvel and DC’s superheroes.

1982–My parents take me to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, which sparks my interest in Star Trek.

1983–I get my first radio and some cassettes to go with it.

My parents move to Grand Isle LA. I start third grade and begin Special Ed.

My parents take me to Disneyworld.

1984–My uncle Karl injures his foot, so my dad has to help him run his marina.  My mom takes me with them when they go. During one such visit, I turn on the TV and discover Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who.

Voltron airs, eventually beginning my interest in anime, although I was unaware of its Japanese origin.

1987–My family moves to Tennessee and I begin junior high.

1988–A friend of Dad’s gives us a puppy which we name Bandit.

1989–I begin High School.

I buy Cosmic Thing, my first B-52’s album. Years later, I would tell people they are my favorite band after having bought every album they recorded prior to this release.

1990–My family moves to Federal Way, WA.  I enroll at Federal Way HS.

1991–Nirvana’s Nevermind is released. This album gives me an interest in alternative music, thanks largely in part to a local alternative FM radio station recommended to me by a classmate.

I begin taking mainstream classes.

1993–I attend my senior prom and I graduate from high school.

1995–I discover Ronin Warriors, Dragonball, and Sailor Moon. When I learn that Voltron was also Japanese, I become an anime fan.

I begin college at Green River Community College.

1998–My parents move back to Louisiana and I begin college anew at Nicholls State. I make the Dean’s List and take a psychiatric evaluation that determines a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

1999–I have one year on campus for my second year of college.  It almost doesn’t work because I slack off in my studies.  During that time in the dorms, I discover WWE wrestling.

2000–I start joining forums online, first with Catholic Answers.

2002–I make the Dean’s List once more in my final year of College.

2003–I graduate from NSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

I begin my membership on the Christian Anime Alliance Forum, where I meet many fellow Christian anime fans, four of which I become great friends with.

Bandit dies.

2004–We get a new dog from my Maw-maw who she named Cricket. I begin blogging on BlogSpot, but after a glitch prevents me from logging into my site, I switch to WordPress.

2007–My paw-paw dies and I become sick at his funeral. I was close to both of my grandparents on my dad’s side growing up.

2008–I begin using Facebook and Hulu.

2012–My parents take me to the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland, which was an item on my bucket list for years.

2014–I start a novel. My Facebook page is blocked by a troll and I have to start a new one.

2015–I turn 40 years old.




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I am a Christian and an anime fan. My blog will cover anime reviews and maybe an occasional story

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