Autism Blogs Worth Reading

As an autistic, I like to read blogs by others like myself. Autism $peaks ignores bloggers like myself because we protest against their rhetoric. Their rhetoric states that we are lost. Well we are not missing. We are loud, and we are speaking, and we matter. As part of Autism Acceptance Month, I’m sharing blogs that Autism $peaks would rather you not read. This is by no means an all-inclusive list. If I were to list every blog by an autistic, I’d take way too long. But these 10 will get you started.
1. Autism Women’s Network ( As the name implies, this site is an all autistic women’s site. Three of the five major writers–Kerima Çevik, Jane Winegardner, and Cynthia Kim–all have blogs of their own. My favorite blogger on the site is Amy Sequenzia, a non-verbal autistic also diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She has a separate blog that provides links to her articles both on Autism Women’s Network and Ollibean (, a community for disabled people of all types. The blog can be reached at
2. Autistic Hoya( This blog is maintained by Lydia Brown, a senior editor at Autism Women’s Network. She is a student at Georgetown University (hence the blog’s name.) In addition to her writings, she has also protested against the Judge Rotenberg Center.
3. Stimey Land ( This is Jane Winegardner’s blog. She is a mother of three boys, one of whom is named Jack, and happens to be autistic as well.
4. The Autism Wars ( This is Kerima Çevik’s blog. She is an African-American and has a nonverbal son named Mustafa. She is also an active participant in the Autism Education Project.
5. Neurowonderful( This is the home of Amethyst Schaber, who also has a YouTube series called “Ask An Autistic”, where she answers questions sent to her Tumbler, FaceBook site, or her YouTube Channel. Her YouTube Channel can be reached here:

6. Emma’s Hope Book( This is actually a family blog written by Ariane Zurcher, Richard Long, and their nonverbal autistic daughter, Emma.
7. Pensive Aspie ( This is the blog for Sherri Schultz. She is an aspie, wife, mother, Christian, aunt, nurse, and a bookworm. She is also a grad school student.
8. Paula C Durbin Westly( an Autistic disability rights activist. She blogs, writes articles, and speaks on disability rights, autism, Autistic parenting, and other things.
9. 30 Days of Autism( This is Leah Kelley’s blog. She is a K-12 Special Education Resource teacher and has an autistic son.
10. A Stranger in Godzone ( This is the blog for Penni Winter, a 50-year-old autistic and native of New Zealand. The “Godzone” in the name is a reference to New Zealand’s nickname, “Godzone”.
If you know of any I missed, you can email me at I’m always looking for more to read and I might make another directory next year.


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