My Favorite Saints: Mary Magdalene

This time in my latest installment of My Favorite Saints, I am spotlighting Mary Magdalene, a woman who was one of Jesus’s disciples. There is much misinformation about her. The most common of these is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were lovers. This was mostly speculated by the Gnostics, who relied very little on the actual Bible, but it is still perpetuated today, as evidenced by the works of Dan Brown. There is also speculation that she was a prostitute.
Mary Magdalene is first mentioned in Luke 7:37-50 as the woman who anointed Jesus’s feet. We also know that she had seven demons possessing her (Luke 8:2). We also know that she is the first woman to see Jesus after his resurrection(Mark 15:40; Matthew 27:56; John 19:25; Luke 23:49).
Mary Magdalene is often considered “The Apostle of the Apostles”. Women were second class citizens in Jesus’s time. However, Jesus did not concern himself over the status of anyone who needed his help. The Pharisees even accused him of being a drunkard.
I find Mary an inspiring figure in the Bible. She exists to show us that we must not discriminate when spreading the word of God. We must share it with anyone, even those who are shunned by society. If indeed Mary Magdalene was a harlot, she would be scorned. That Jesus sees past these accusations and only sees a woman who needs his help shows that we must also adopt the same attitude.


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