The Divergent Trilogy: Allegiance


Well, I finished the Divergent trilogy and just in time, because this month, the movie for the first book hits the theaters. The trailer looks good, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I have to say I like Veronica Roth’s writing style so far.  She does a great job of framing this world, even with the fact that she’s only focusing on one city. She knows just how much to tell and how much to show.

This time, the narration is shared between the two protagonists for the series, Tris and Four (note: yes, I know Four’s real name. I’m trying to keep my reviews spoiler-free.) It was interesting because now we got to see how Four views the world and see Tris from someone else’s perspective, something you don’t see in first-person POVs.

I like the message of this trilogy.  We still believe that we can put people in boxes and that they will behave a certain way. I’m against this sort of thinking and I like how this book illustrates the fallacies, even when geared toward something positive. We are all “divergent” in some way.  I’m proud of my differences from what society expects of me.

It’s been great to read this trilogy and I’m eager to see what the movie does. I’m really hoping that they adapt all three movies without splitting them up.  (I’m sick of that trend that started with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It really feels like Hollywood wants to milk the adaptations, especially in the case of The Hobbit and Hunger Games movies.)  I do plan to review the movie on here as soon as I watch the DVD.



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